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While some think of us as administrators, nurses, and doctors, we think of ourselves as a family. We welcome each and every one of our patients into our close-knit family. We can't wait to help you on your next medical journey, building confidence along the way.
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Dr. Aaron Knox
You will quickly learn that Dr. Knox is unrelenting in his pursuit to deliver the absolute best patient care. His curiosity and passion for learning and commitment to excellence feeds his desire to provide the newest, safest, and most cutting-edge treatments to patients. Regardless of Dr. Knox’s serious dedication to furthering education and teaching, he is also well known for his friendly and approachable bedside manners. 

Dr. Knox will always work with you to determine and develop a treatment plan that is best suited for your wants and needs. Although Dr. Knox has a busy reconstructive practice, he also runs an equally busy cosmetic practice for facial and hand rejuvenation in addition to breast and body contouring procedures.
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Dr. Alexandra Hatchell
Dr. Hatchell is the whole package marrying surgical skill and knowledge along with compassion, genuine patient concern, and kindness. She is a prolific researcher in areas of patient-reported outcomes and functional outcomes in reconstructive surgery. She currently serves as a Global Breast Surgery Specialty Lead for the ERAS Society, committed to optimizing operative efficiency and enhanced postoperative recovery. Dr. Hatchell is committed to providing only the best care to her patients.

In addition to her reconstructive practice, Dr. Hatchell specializes in breast and body contouring procedures as well as gender reaffirming surgery. She believes in helping all her patients achieve the best possible versions of themselves.
Antonella Verardi
With over 15 years of experience in the medical field, Antonella is the administrative assistant to Dr. Maleka Ramji. She has a passion for all things that are health and medical. Her favorite part of her job is interacting and building relationships with her patients. She was born and raised in Calgary and comes from a large Italian family. Antonella has a love for football and is a part of a local women’s tackle football team. She enjoys spending time with her two amazing boys, whether they are at home baking or enjoying the outdoors camping and hiking on summer weekends.
Cerise Cates
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Christine Sabado
Although she is little in size, Christine can be found assisting in administrative duties around the clinic, helping coordinate patient consultations or phoning patients for appointments. No matter how you come into contact with Christine, you will remember her soft and gentle presence. She completed her Nursing Degree at the University of Calgary in 2017, and strives every day to provide the best care to her patients. She believes that patients deserve nothing less than a safe and comfortable environment, therefore she is always working to achieve this.
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Cynthia Truong
Whether it is in the calm and intimate clinic setting of art&fact or on the busy acute care plastic surgery/burns unit at Foothills Medical Centre, Cynthia’s dedication to patient care and safety is always her top priority. She believes that proper patient education is the key to better patient outcomes. Therefore, she loves to answer all questions thoroughly to help you make the most informed decisions. Cynthia has a keen eye for creating a treatment plan that addresses your concerns while working within your budget. She will be one of the first faces you will see at every consultation and follow up to offer her support and knowledge.
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Ela Trogrlic
Ela’s warm and welcoming presence will be the first to greet you upon your arrival to art&fact. It is hard to miss Ela’s amiable and cheerful demeanour. She will not only help answer initial questions, check you in, and schedule follow-ups, she can also help you make informed choices on the perfect skincare regimen for you. As a certified medical office assistant and with previous experience working in the beauty industry, Ela is a well-rounded asset to our team. Her goal is to create an environment where our patients feel comfortable, safe, and confident.
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Erica Li
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Jenny Tran
Jenny oversees all clinic operations and coordinates patient care for Dr. Yeung. Her warm smile and big heart show through her mask when she helps patients feel at ease when addressing their questions or concerns. Jenny practices what she preaches to patients: “If you don’t know, ask!” Together with our surgeons, nurses, and administrative staff, she prides herself on building relationships and ensuring our patients feel comfortable and well supported regardless of which stage they are at in their journey.
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Dr. Justin Yeung
Dr. Yeung is a firm believer in creating personalized treatment plans unique to each of his patients. Whether for a second opinion on a complex hand case or performing a cancer deformity reconstruction, he is widely respected by his colleagues and is often sought out for his ability to be meticulous and realistic. 

When he is not performing reconstructive surgery, Dr. Yeung often provides advice, care, and support to patients after massive weight loss. He takes time with patients to navigate through a multitude of body contouring procedures fit for their goals. He recognizes and has unconsciously instilled in his team that all patients are unparalleled in their own surgical journey. Above all Dr. Yeung is deeply committed to helping you achieve your individual goals and feeling your best. 
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Kylee Spooner
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Dr. Maleka Ramji
It would be hard to miss Dr. Ramji’s warmth and smile when you are under her care. Her patients universally compliment her on her bedside manner and attention to detail. She is dedicated to providing the most honest and natural results, whether it is through surgery or with non-surgical treatments, such as with hyaluronic acid fillers to accomplish liquid rhinoplasties. 

Her cosmetic practice specializes in breast and body contouring procedures including gender reaffirming surgery. More uniquely, she has an active and inclusive practice for women’s health including labiaplasty and vaginal tightening and rejuvenation treatments. Dr. Ramji is committed to always making you feel comfortable and safe from start to finish. 
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Melissa Ronan
Melissa’s love for skin care and aesthetics started in plastic surgery and grew in the fundamentals of science and precision. The world of plastic surgery has been the perfect match for Melissa because of her attention to detail and strive for perfection. Over the last decade, Melissa has trained with plastic surgeons in both British Columbia and Alberta. Her experience working hands-on in the operating room with plastic surgeons gives her a wealth of knowledge when she is working with your face and body. Whether she is compiling a treatment plan, injecting, or assisting in minor operations, Melissa always maintains a high standard for her work. She has managed and trained staff to adopt the same mentality for the meticulousness she exudes.
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Milicia Simic
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Renee Wilson
Renee is the administrative assistant to Dr. Aaron Knox. She has an extensive history of working with surgeons within Alberta Health Services and the University of Calgary.  To Renee, there is more to her patients than just their procedures. She believes everyone deserves to be their most authentic and already beautiful self.
Thomas Chin
It takes a lot dedication, hard work, and the utmost passion to become highly regarded in one's craft - this being truly reflective of Thomas and his abilities as an aesthetic injector and educator. Over the past 8 years and counting, Thomas has honed his skills with injecting and has developed an intimate knowledge of facial anatomy. This has allowed him to work closely with patients to ensure that the most beautiful, appropriate, and safe results are always achieved. Thomas tailors his approach to each specific individual as he understands everyone's goals and standards of beauty are different. His fun, caring, and genuine personality are constantly complimented by his patients and colleagues. When not in clinic, Thomas routinely attends international training sessions and educational meetings. He has a strong belief in constant growth and striving to deliver the very best to all his patients.  
Tracey Ho
With a strong belief in being your own kind of beautiful, Tracey creates bespoke treatments for each individual client. Her expertise in facial aesthetics paired with her gentlest touch with injections has made her a highly sought-after practitioner. With her calm and kind nature, patients always feel comfortable and at home when visiting art&fact. She has a non-judgemental approach and always takes her time to understand her patients in order to achieve optimal results. Tracey is also honest with her recommendations and has an educative approach for her patients to feel comfortable and well-informed. With her passion in medicine and art, and Medical Aesthetics being the perfect marriage of the two, Tracey has truly found her calling.
Ty Litschke
Ty’s love for plastic surgery was founded in the burns/plastic surgery unit at Foothills Medical Centre where he cared for patients through some of the hardest times of their lives. He believes in making a difference for patients through every interaction. Ty has passion for helping achieve the best outcome for his patients, whether it is through dressing changes, laser treatments, tattooing or even something as simple as communication. As a licensed practical nurse with years of experience in plastic surgery, Ty is able to develop a well rounded plan suited to your needs.
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