International Hair Transplant: Potential savings, but at what cost to Canadians?

By Sarah Hunger

April 17, 2024

If you were waitlisted and could purchase the newest MacBook locally, then would you travel overseas to purchase it? You would get a trip out of it, not have to wait for the next shipment to come in, and it is sold at a lower price point. Sounds like a no-brainer. But what if there is no AppleCare when you bring it home to Canada as it wasn’t sold from an Apple Store? What if it was counterfeit? What if it breaks and the only place you could get it fixed was the place you purchased it from overseas?

Hair transplantation has gained popularity worldwide, and many countries like Turkey, India, Thailand, and Mexico, have become well-known for offering affordable and quality hair restoration procedures by experienced surgeons in modern medical facilities. While some Canadians might be enticed by the idea of traveling abroad for a hair transplant, it is crucial to consider the following factors before making such a decision.

While the allure of affordable hair transplants in popular destinations may be tempting, Canadians should exercise caution when considering medical tourism.

Unless you’ve thoroughly and diligently completed your research on the chosen clinic, have considered continuity of care, and consulted with Canadian healthcare professionals, please rethink taking a shortcut on the cosmetic medical journey you’re about to embark on. You’re a work of art, and your health and safety should always be prioritized.

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