FRAC3® Skin Rejuvenation

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- what to know
Down Time
1-2 days
  • new collagen growth
  • collagen remodeling
  • fibroblast stimulation
  • results in improved tone, texture and tightness of skin
  • smoother skin
none needed
starting cost
$200/ treatment or $500/series of 3
alternative treatments
treatments in harmony
conditions treated
  • sun spots “age spots”
  • redness/ruddiness
  • vascular abnormalities
  • aged skin texture
FRAC3® Skin Rejuvenation

what makes this treatment unique?

FRAC3 is a special non-ablative treatment modality used for dermal rejuvenation. Pioneered by Fotona, and made possible by the superior performance characteristics of the Fotona Nd:YAG laser, FRAC3 treatments stimulate the skin’s natural capacity to rejuvenate by selectively inducing micro-wounds in prematurely aged or damaged portions of the dermis and epidermis.

how does it work?

The laser action creates a 3 dimensional matrix of micro-wounds, which are concentrated at the specific depths of the existing skin damage. The natural healing response of the skin then acts to repair the micro-wounds, thereby rejuvenating the skin. In contrast with other laser rejuvenation treatments this gentle, non-ablative anti-aging treatment provides results with minimal downtime and little risk.

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