Stretch Mark Treatment

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- what to know
Down Time
no downtime (some redness, minor swelling)
  • reduces appearance of stretch marks
none required
starting cost
$250/treatment, $625/series of 3
alternative treatments
treatments in harmony
conditions treated
  • stretch marks
Stretch Mark Treatment

Stretch marks are a common result of pregnancy and weight fluctuations.With Fotona’s smooth mode technology, we are able to target the stretchmarks and improve the appearance of the skin.

what to expect from the treatment? 

We begin with four passes over the area of skin laxity using Fotona’s Smooth Mode to deliver a controlled thermal injury deeply into the skin.  This non-invasive treatment triggers a healing response and induces collagen remodeling and tightening from the inside out.

Next we target the stretch marks themselves by delivering deep fractionated columns into the dermal layer of skin.  We use the laser to run along the entire length of each stretch mark.

Lastly, we treat the skin superficially across the entire area covered by laxity and scarring to even out textural irregularities and smooth the skin.

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